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Strategic Planning is not something one can wake up and decide to do one day.  There is not a quick fix, an easy route, or a simple process.  It takes time, it takes patience, and--most importantly--cooperation. That is why Rowland Consulting is here.

With our dynamic consultants, rest easy knowing your strategic planning will be facilitated by professional, enthusiastic individuals who are the best in the business. 
Strategic Planning
"Rory's presentation was excellent and provided workable tips on how to grow our business."
Tery Shoemaker
Schuykill Federal Credit Union

"It has been our pleasure to work with a true professional in both the planning and implementation of your presentation."
Dennis K. Tanimoto
Hawaii Credit Union League

"It's so refreshing to hold a conference where all the participants came out feeling it was worthwhile, and would come back again!"
Karen Tucker
New York Credit Union League
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With our full range package of planning services, you will receive:
• Provide support before, during, and after your planning event.
• Encourage boards and staff to recognize your credit union’s greatest opportunity.
• Compose a vision and focus of your team that betters the community.
• A step-by-step walkthrough of the entire process to make staff and board comfortable.
• Pre-evaluation conducted with the entire board and management team to discover pitfalls to avoid.

Please remember that each team we work with is different.  As a part of that recognition, we mold our actions and verbiage to best fit the organization that we are working with.