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Rowland Consulting makes helping your organization achieve greatness its mission!  Whether you are an employee or a manager, customer or board member, you will find the power to better your services, management, and even life.

A great leader is always trying to improve.  Now, with the help of these books, you easily can! 

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Looking for strategies to better your credit union?  Rory has made available to you his unique take on service selling and incentive plans.  All the ideas, all the real documents, and all the power are provided, free of charge.

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"You have an amazing ability to engage everyone in the session, even in a large venue. Thanks to you, our loan to share ratio increased by over 15% in 2 years!"
Debbie Matz
Andrews FCU

"I would highly recommend your program on "Service Selling" to any credit union that wants to increase the usage of their products and services and improve their bottom line!"
Eizabeth Kindlon
Community Resource FCU

Turn your car into a traveling university!

If you spend 15 minutes in your car everyday traveling back and forth to work, in only 4 years, you will have spent more time in your car than a college student does in the classroom to obtain a college degree.  Stop wasting this valuable time and turn your car into a traveling university.

Rory records many of his presentations, and they're now available for sale to ensure you better your skills, even when in the car!

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