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Rowland Consulting's fast track to developing a sales culture

With the help of Rowland Consulting, learn the trade secrets to install a sales culture at your credit union, and reap the benefits.  In a world of tightening budgets and drying markets, your credit union needs to be on the cutting edge to ensure you continue to attract members.  The easiest, and lasting way to do so is through a sales culture!  Let Rowland Consulting's team help ensure your credit union continues to sail while your competition sinks in the water.
We help you...

• Navigate organizational change
• Help the management team create a shared vision
• Empower you to create measures of success
• Assist with the importance of coaching
• Evaluate the gaps in your current sales culture
• Develop a plan for success
• Create and set team goals
• Design an incentive plan that works for everyone
• Reward success and continue on the path of achievement
• Present your goals to the team
• Boost morale for the process
• Formulate a workable plan of action 
Services Offered
Dynamic presenters to jumpstart your credit union

Rowland Consulting also has presenters available for booking at your next conference or leadership training.  Looking for someone who will kick your employees into overdrive and provide them with manageable tips to improve? 

Only the best, most enthusiastic speakers are provided for you to ensure you can book with confidence. 
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